Handprint Easter Bunny Craft


You can either watch the Video Tutorial on Youtube

or follow the directions below.



  • Pink paper (2 different shades)
  • One pink pipe cleaner
  • A white pompom 
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • A black marker


Cut out a triangle with rounded edge out of the light pink paper for the visage of the bunny. 


Trace your child’s hand twice and cut out the 2 handprints for the ears. 


Cut out 2 ovals in the bright pink paper for the inner ears and glue one on each ear. 


Glue the 2 handprints behind the head of the bunny. 


Cut out 2 smaller ovals in the bright pink paper for the cheeks and glue them on the face.

Take your black marker and draw the eyes and the mouth. 


Cut the pipe cleaner in half and twist it into a mustache. Glue one on each side of the face. Glue the pompom in the middle for the nose. 





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