3D Pink Butterfly Craft

You can either watch the Video Tutorial on Youtube

or follow the directions below.




  • Pink paper
  • Purple paper
  • Black or brown pipe cleaner
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Tape


Cut out the butterfly in the pink paper.


Cut out 4 stripes and 4 circles in the purple paper. 


Fold the pipe cleaner in 2 and tape it to the top of the head of the butterfly. If you don’t have tape, you can glue it however, tape will hold the pipe cleaner stronger. 


Put glue on one end of the purple strips and glue the other end on to it. Making a circle around your finger. 


Glue the circles one by one along the abdomen of the butterfly.


Glue the purple circles on the wings of the butterfly. You can add more decoration on the wings to personalize your butterfly :)!




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